Who is This Kid? Colleges Want to Know

WHO IS THIS KID? is the 2020 companion book to Mitchell’s best selling “8 First Choices,” Third Edition, the #1 college guide endorsed by more college admissions deans than all other college guides. A book of writing exercises, Who is This Kid? offers specific questions and writing exercises to help students think and write self-assessment exercises.

Additionally, WHO IS THIS KID? Instills seven basic assumptions that are crucial to winning applications:
1. Choose eight to ten first choices.
2. You are in charge.
3. Make a friend of your advocates.
4. SATs and ACTs don’t get you in.
5. The college market is not a tight market.
6. Personalize the process.
7. Be authentically and specifically you.

Written by a college counselor with decades of experience in public schools of Connecticut, private schools in New Jersey and the Nightingale-Bamford School in NYC, this guide offers insight into the college admissions process that expresses the very personal characteristics that the college admissions deans are looking for.


DUKE UNIVERSITY “Joyce Slayton Mitchell has helped thousands of students be particularly well prepared for the college admissions process. Her advice is always candid, useful, honest, and appropriate.” Christoph Guttentag, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions

BOSTON COLLEGE “Nobody in her profession offers more insight into selective college admissions than Joyce Slayton Mitchell. She has a facility for making the complex not so complex, and like Toto in the Wizard of Oz, she excels at revealing what is behind the curtain. All who read this book will have a better understanding of what goes into the decision making process, what admission deans look for, and how to best present your authentic self.” –Howard Singer

NORTHWESTERN “Who Is This Kid? helps us understand how this applicant will connect and contribute to the community where they will study. We want to enroll students who understand themselves and can tell their own stories. Ms Mitchell’s advice will help students enormously to give admission committees what they need to answer that extremely important question. Trust her.” –F. Sheppard Shanley

OXY|OCCIDENTAL “Who Is This Kid? is a much needed, refreshing addition to college search literature that underscores the importance of reflection and awareness. Applicants often hide behind a generic veil, much to their disadvantage. Mitchell’s work encourages readers to uncover their distinct personalities and translate them compellingly in writing, making for riveting reads for admission officers.” –Vince Cuseo

UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT “Ms. Mitchell has a wealth of knowledge and offers great advice and insights into the mysterious and complex world of the college admissions process.” –Sarah (Sally) Hobart

POMONA “Joyce Slayton Mitchell is at it again, this time delivering a practical hands-on workbook to help young people find their voice in the college admissions process. If you’ve ever wondered how to kick-start writing your college applications, this book is for you.” –Seth Allen

COLGATE “Who is this kid?” is Mitchell’s captivating way of having college-bound students think about who they really are and while she achieves that goal in a brilliant way, the thoughtful exercises may lead to an even more important outcome. If a student takes the book’s interesting exercises seriously, that student will build a strong sense of ownership for what should become their college search–not a search they have someone else to do for them.” –Gary L. Ross

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