The Vietnamese Guide to American Universities

From the WILLIAMS COLLEGE Dean of Admissions:

“Ms. Mitchell draws from her extensive professional experience to provide a handy roadmap for students to navigate a complex and often confusing American college admission process. Mitchell’s many valuable insights include a most important point of emphasis: there are hundreds of outstanding U.S. colleges and universities across the country. To receive the best undergraduate education, it is not necessary to attend the most prestigious or most highly selective of these. Look beyond artificial rankings and perceived reputation to consider a broad range of colleges with the intent to find the best match academically, socially and financially. This is sound advice not only for Vietnamese students, but for American students as well.”

Richard L. Nesbitt, Director of Admission

Edward S. Mitchell, VP, Mitchell & Son, in front of Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon

Saigon café


“Joyce Slayton Mitchell will bridge the U.S. college admission scene to Vietnamese high school students as beautifully as she has done for years of working with American students. Her close working relationship with college admission deans in the U.S. will provide solid perspective to families in Vietnam. Vietnam will soon know what America knows… Joyce Slayton Mitchell is a wonderful guide and counselor on what should be a brilliant college search journey for Vietnamese students.”

Scott L. Allen, Director of International Recruitment

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