Our Team

Working in U.S. college admissions for 100 years, Joyce Slayton Mitchell, joined by Webmaster and Communications Director Jethro Hayman of Northeast Kingdom Information, decided to go modern with Ebooks to establish the #1 College Advice website. The #1 U.S. college advice website includes Mitchell’s 40 books in print (some college admissions, some not) plus resources from the top U.S. college admissions people, books, and services.

Joyce Slayton Mitchell is the #1 College Advice expert for American and international students to win university admissions in the USA. The former Director of College Advising in top public schools in Connecticut and private schools in New York City for 35 years, Mitchell currently lives in Beijing, New York City, and her hometown in Vermont. Mitchell’s college admissions Ebooks are best sellers in the USA, China, India, Korea, and Vietnam.

To refresh her mind and think creatively for college admissions, Mitchell spends summers writing about whatever interests her most at the moment. These Ebooks include NYC celebrity chefs (Belly Up to the Bar), a guide to Paris (Paris by Pastry), junkyards and logging in Vermont, as well as her experience in the chemo wards of NYC’s cancer hospital and the world’s best seller (Bible Express:The Fast Track to the Old and New Testaments). Watch out for what’s coming next!

Jethro HaymanJethro Hayman grew up in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont before leaving the rural enclave to get a quality education and see the world. He earned a B.S. degree from the University of Vermont with a major in Environmental Science and a strong emphasis on Persuasion. He then served as a teaching assistant while earning an M.A. in Public Information Studies from California State University. After graduating, he taught at Cornell University in the Communication Department for six years. Jethro has been fortunate to travel throughout Europe and the Middle East to see the rich cultures of the world. Jethro’s connection to the outdoors and rural community brought him back to the Northeast Kingdom to raise his three children and run his own business. He currently serves as the Director of Communications and as the webmaster.