Crashed, Smashed, and Mashed

The subtitle says it all: A Trip to Junkyard Heaven.


“Through superb, full-color photographs and descriptive text, armchair visitors can follow as wrecked cars have their parts removed, and sorted for resale.  Those cars go to their own special resting place in the junkyard, organized by make, model, and year.  The rest go to the crusher, eventually ending up in a metal-recycling center.  It’s a nitty-gritty, dirty process.  With a glossary full of junkyard talk and a page or recycling facts, this book is one that readers will learn a lot about the recycling process.” – School Library Journal


Take a field trip through junkyard heaven!  Follow the red smashed car to see what happens when it reaches the junkyard; learn how fluids, tires, engines, batteries, radios, and sheet metal are removed and reused or recycled; and see how computers aid in finding parts to fix cars. See a retired school bus filled with hubcaps and a bird’s nest. Walk by a mountain of rubber tires and see the masher crush the stripped red car.  Learn what happens to metal when its recycled and used again.

* CRASH!  Another car is ready for junkyard heaven

* Chain it to the flatbed and head on in to find a final resting place.  Drain the fluids, pull the engine, and torch the assemblies so they can be reused.  Then it’s into the crusher and onto the shredder.

* Twelve million cars are recycled in the USA and Canada each year.  Now you get to see it happen!


Joyce Slayton Mitchell spent a lot of time in junkyard heaven searching for parts for her very old, red Ford Ranger pickup.  First she bought a heater, then a water pump, then a gas tank, then a left rear fender and finally she thought, “Wouldn’t kids love to come to junkyard heaven with me!”  

Steven Borns, photojournalist and magazine photographer wanted to leave home in New York City to live in Jimmy Gates’ Junk Yard. “Sorry,” said Jimmy, “but I’ll let you take all the photographs you want!”  Oh well.  Steven is also the author of People of Plains, GA, and photographer of Tractor-Trailer Trucker: A Powerful Truck book and Knucleboom Loaders Load Logs.


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