Indian Guide to American Universities

STANFORD “Joyce Slayton Mitchell is a real teacher. She uses the college selection process as a learning experience for students. She tells her students up front that they are going to learn a great deal about themselves and what’s important to them. As a result, they have a much better college selection experience. For students and parents undertaking the college application process, I can think of no better guide. This book distills [Mitchell’s] wisdom and provides a most valuable piece of sanity and wisdom.”

—Robin Mamlet, former Dean of Admission

Indian-Guide-backBackcover of print edition, Hay House

 A powerpoint program from an Indian educator

NORTHWESTERN “Trust Joyce Slayton Mitchell. Her advice gives everyone—students, their parents, and their counselors—the ‘can do’ confidence to get through college admissions without meltdown. Read this book in sections and read some of it out loud. You’ll like what you hear. Ms. Mitchell knows the hearts—and minds—of students and their parents.”

—Sheppard Shanley, Senior Associate Director of Admissions

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