College Culture: What’s My Match?

“Mitchell offers many great insights into the complexity of the college admissions process and what should be the overriding concerns of the vital issue of the match between the student and the college”

—William R. Fitzsimmons, Dean of Admissions, Harvard University.


Going beyond the rankings, majors, locations and the advice that high school students hear from everyone, College Culture: What’s My Match? considers the kind of student life that feels right for the particular student. The principle of the book is based on the philosophy that every college is wonderful for someone. No college is great for everyone.

Panel: Campus Culture

Moderator: JSM, panelists: College Admissions Deans: Shepp Shanley, Northwestern; Scott Allen, Emory; Terri Overton, Wesleyan
Council of International Schools (CIS) conference, Lisbon, Portugal, November, 2011

The book describes more than 150 American colleges from the top rankings, highest percentage of international students, and diversity in terms of size and location of the college. College Culture: What’s My Match concludes with statistical tables of the five categories of college cultures for easy access in understanding differences in college cultures all across the United States.

EMORY: “During my twenty-one years at Emory, I have benefited greatly from Joyce Slayton Mitchell’s wise, accurate, and compassionate view of college admissions.  Listen to what she says; she gets it right and she knows what’s most important in all of this: the students!”

—Scott L. Allen, Associate Dean, Director of International Recruitment

HAVERFORD: “Joyce Slayton Mitchell is very knowledgeable about the constant changes in the admission profession.  Her overall expertise and emphasis on student ownership of the admission process is invaluable for anyone applying to selective colleges and universities.”

—Michael J. Keaton, Senior Associate Director of Admission

college culture – so important but ignored by many international students, September 30, 2012

This is something you will never find in college guide books but college culture is so essential for a students’ success, happiness and well being in college. I highly recommend the book to students and counselors who have not had a chance to visit many college campus. Great way to learn about a snapshot of the schools’ ambiance in a short time!

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