College Counseling


Joyce Slayton Mitchell provides college counseling to students and their families for the best opportunities in U.S. college admissions. Starting in February of junior year, student and college advisor work together until the final college decision is made by May 1 of senior year. The college counseling process will include the student’s self-assessment, researching the colleges, communications with the colleges, visiting the accepted options in April and final decision by May 1.  Mitchell takes the student through developing the college list, writing the applications, considering the wait-list (late-decision), and making the final decision.

Ms. Mitchell personally meets with the student and their family no matter where in the world they live to begin the college counseling process. Usually email and Skype initiated by the student are the forms of communication during the progression.

It is important for parents and student to know that Joyce Slayton Mitchell does not promise Ivy or any particular college. There are many wonderful colleges for every college applicant.  What does she promise? “I promise the most choices for the best college match of your daughter or son as measured by his or her academic work (rigor of curriculum, grades, and test scores), their interests as documented by their activities in and out of school, special talents (arts, sports, leadership), and writing ability as documented by their essay and applications.” Take a look below at the American college deans of admissions’ endorsements to verify Mitchell’s professional standing.

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Joyce Slayton Mitchell works with high schools worldwide to review their U.S. college counseling program. The school agreement can include meeting with school administrators and faculty, college and guidance counselors, students and their parents. The goal will be to solve problems and assure school administrators and parents that their students are getting the full range of possibilities and best college counseling practices for their graduates. Take a look at the American college deans of admissions’ endorsements below to verify Mitchell’s work.

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College Deans’ Praise for Mitchell’s College Counseling

HARVARD “Mitchell offers many great insights into the complexity of the college admissions process and what should be the overriding concerns of the vital issue of the match between the student and the college.”
—William R. Fitzsimmons, Dean of Admissions

UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN “Mitchell is able to apply her extensive knowledge of the real issues that create anxiety among students and parents and artfully provide an effective road map to help students navigate their way though the college admission process.”
—Ted Spencer, Director of Admissions

HAVERFORD “Joyce Slaton Mitchell is very knowledgeable about the constant changes in the admission profession. Her overall expertise and emphasis on student ownership of the admission process is invaluable for anyone applying to selective colleges and universities.”
—Michael J. Keaton, Senior Associate Director of Admission

CARLETON “Mitchell provides a strong personal advocacy for student decision making in the college-search process. If you can compare the search for the right college in 21st-century America to a wild, white water rafting ride, then you want this author as your river guide. There are . . . uncertainties, unseen rocks, and too many rapids among the many options facing young people in choosing a just-right college. Ms. Mitchell places the decision-making process squarely in the hands of . . . student[s] and provides the most useful tips for guiding their choice process. It is well done and [a] must read for every college-bound student.”
—Paul Thiboutot, Dean of Admissions

NORTHWESTERN “Trust Joyce Slayton Mitchell. Her advice gives everyone—students, their parents, and their counselors—the ‘can do’ confidence to get through college admissions without meltdown. Ms. Mitchell knows the hearts—and minds—of students and their parents.”
—Sheppard Shanley, Senior Associate Director of Admissions