Belly Up To The Bar

AMAZON 5 Star Review *****

Written for New Yorkers, their country cousins, commuters, out-of-towners, international tourists, and armchair diners, it features only restaurants rated Zagat 23 or higher (out of a perfect 30 the highest score currently is a 28) or a Michelin star or two or three!

Bars in New York City are to New Yorkers what pubs in England are to the Brits. Manhattan bars have long been places to meet and greet old and new friends. Tasting the menu of New York’s master chefs at the bar has a much shorter history, however. But in recent years it has come of age. ‘Belly Up to the Bar’ is a guide to eating at the bar in Manhattan’s top 101 restaurants (as rated by Zagat and the ‘Michelin Guide to New York City’s Restaurant


Eric Ripert, Michelin *** Zagat: 29 Le Bernardin

In Belly Up to the Bar, Joyce Slayton Mitchell teaches you how to experience the NYC restaurant dining scene… via the bar. It’s a unique and fun perspective, full of detail and vivid anecdotes of Mitchell’s dining adventures. A great addition to any restaurant lover’s library. Chef/Co owner,

Marco Moreira, Zagat:25 Tocqueville

We love the book! When you are ready for a dining adventure, let Belly Up To The Bar lead you through the fine art of dining at the bar. Rarely have I seen a guide book with such thoughtful, well written advice about NYC dining. Jo-Ann and Marco, Owners/Chef

Jim Bradley, Zagat: 24, 24 The Red Cat, The Harrison

My favorite pastimes are eating, drinking, and talking about eating and drinking, and this book does it all. Chef/Owner

Wylie Dufresne, Michelin * Zagat: 25 WD-50

As someone who loves dining at the bar when I go out, Belly Up to the Bar is the perfect alternative to the usual restaurant guide. Restaurant reviewers often overlook the joys of bar dining; here is a reminder, with a great selection of restaurants, that one can be more spontaneous and casual at the bar while eating great food and getting good advice. Chef/Co-owner

George Lang, Zagat: 23 Café Des Artistes

When I placed the first crisp white oversized napkin out on the Cafe des Artistes mahogany bar in 1975, a new American tradition was born; warm café hospitality married upscale dining. How lucky we are that Joyce Slayton Mitchell loves the idea, because Mitchell has written such a charming guidebook to bar-dining all over the city. Be sure you read this book with a glass of your favorite bubbly and a small plate close at hand. Cheers! Restauranteur/Owner

I thought the concept of this book was brilliant and I wondered if it would live up to my expectations. It did so and more. The author provides an insider’s view of what to order and how to order it “at the bar” at the city’s great dining spots. Mitchell somehow manages even to convey the ambiance of the places. I can’t wait to try all these great places without having to plan ahead!

Midwest Book Review:
BELLY UP TO THE BAR: DINING WITH NEW YORK CITY’S CELEBRITY CHEFS WITHOUT RESERVATIONS is a guide to getting into the best Manhattan restaurants without reservations, and is a pick for any collection strong in New York travel guides. Each bar receives a 2-page description with all the information on ambiance to number of bar seats to people. From assessments of formality to etiquette and of course food quality, the book assesses only New York’s best.


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