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A Special Delivery” by Elizabeth and Joyce Mitchell is a mother-daughter and prenatal memoir in a unique format. I was struck repeatedly at how different this mother and daughter were (geographically and culturally) from my own experience. The letters from the mother, however, felt like ones I have received many times from my own mother. That is because this book shares the spiritual side of parenting that is apparent especially to women. Very enjoyable read.


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A Special Delivery: Mother-Daughter Letters From Afar (Paperback)
I have just finished reading the most delightful book. Its a book written by a mother and daughter. The book is “A SPECIAL DELIVERY” by Joyce Slayton Mitchell and Elizabeth Dix Mitchell. Each of them are from a different era so they have to accept each others feelings on life. The whole books is letters back and forth to each other. But I can tell you this I could hardly wait to turn the page and see what the other one would respond back with and its wonderful how over the time each began to accept what the other one was saying or doing. Take time and read this book. It will help you develop your thoughts with your Mom or daughter and give you ways to begin having a better relationship.

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An incredible book
A Special Delivery: Mother-Daughter Letters From Afar (Paperback)
I just read the most incredible book! The reading was quite quick and it is quite a tearjerker toward the end. I STRONGLY recommend this book. It’s an incredible journey through Elizabeth’s pregnancy and how close a bond she and her mother have such a great distance and also how the two generations think differently about things.

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A Special Delivery: Mother-Daughter Letters From Afar (Paperback)

This unique book is a chronicle of letters between a mother and daughter living worlds apart, but manage to stay connected with letters full of love, hope, and the anticipation that comes with pregnancy.
Mothers and daughters across the world will relate to this book and give them a new appreciation for the incredible bond that is shared between them. The bond that is magically multiplied exponentially when a grandchild is on the way.
This wonderfully touching book will make you realize that no matter how far apart you are from loved ones, you can always be close at heart.

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A Special Delivery: Mother-Daughter Letters From Afar (Paperback)
I’m a 30 year old that lives in Phoenix and my mom lives in Dallas. Although the distance between us isn’t as great as Joyce & Elizabeth’s, sometimes it feels as though it is – I still want my “mommy” when I’m sick! There were times that I laughed out loud while reading this book, especially about midwife/doctor issue…. it sounded so much like my mom, and Elizabeth responded just like I would have! And Joyce’s advice was sound yet supportive. Thank you so much for sharing these memories with us.

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Revealing, enlightening, a very good read!,
A Special Delivery: Mother-Daughter Letters From Afar (Paperback)
This book delivers a glance into an extraordinary time for mother and daughter. At times I felt like I was intruding into a conversation that was so special, only the two characters need be privy. Made me realize how different and how alike mother’s daughters are. As a daughter I thought, “how can Joyce interfere with a life Elizabeth was old enough to construct on her own.” As a mother, I thought, “well, why not?” After all, one never stops being a mother regardless of how old ones child is. A Special Delivery is an excellent example of the miracle of life, not just the life Elizabeth was carrying, but the life Joyce and she were leading – separately yet together – from afar. I recommend it.

A thoroughly enjoyable book!!!

A Special Delivery: Mother-Daughter Letters From Afar (Paperback)

I didn’t understand the role of the midwife until I read A Special Delivery by Joyce Slayton Mitchell and Elizabeth Dix Mitchell. Like the mom in the book, I had a preconceived idea of what a midwife could do and how a midwife would respond in a high-risk situation. After reading this book, I have a much higher comfort level with the role of the midwife in providing prenatal care and delivery.

Fun, engaging mother/daughter story.
A Special Delivery: Mother-Daughter Letters From Afar (Paperback)
Tale of a pregnancy told through letters between a mother and daughter. Highlights include contrast between practical mom and free spirited daughter. An enjoyable read.

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