8 First Choices, Third Edition, 2017

8 First choices is the #1 college guide endorsed by more top college admissions deans than all other college guides. Written within an educational framework, this college guide offers specific guidance to help students do a self-assessment, research the colleges, communicate through application, interview, and essay in order to select the top eight colleges that are the strongest fit for them. Establishing readers as anthropologists, students will learn to observe 20 campus cultures, assess each one, and research their options in American higher education.

Additionally, it offers seven basic assumptions that are contrary to common knowledge about getting into college:
1. Choose eight first choices.
2. You are in charge.
3. Make a friend of your advocates.
4. SATs and ACTs don’t get you in.
5. The college market is not a tight market.
6. Personalize the process.
7. Be authentically and specifically you.

Written by a college counselor with decades of experience in public schools of Connecticut, private schools in New Jersey and the Nightingale-Bamford School in NYC, this guide offers insight into the college admissions process and allows students to choose the schools that are right for them.

Some Praise for the book:

HARVARD “Mitchell offers many great insights into the complexity of the college admissions process and what should be the overriding concerns of the vital issue of the match between the student and the college.”
—William R. Fitzsimmons, Dean of Admissions

DUKE “For many years Joyce Slayton Mitchell has given outstanding advice to families seeking guidance through the college admissions maze. And we in the admissions profession have enjoyed her valuable insights, sharp opinions, and clear writing as she has examined the college selection process. This thoughtful and well-organized book, which distills her years of experience, is no exception.”
—Christoph Guttentag, Director of Admissions

CARLETON “Mitchell provides a strong personal advocacy for student decision making in the college-search process. If you can compare the search for the right college in 21st-century America to a wild, white water rafting ride, then you want this author as your river guide. There are . . . uncertainties, unseen rocks, and too many rapids among the many options facing young people in choosing a just-right college. Ms. Mitchell places the decision-making process squarely in the hands of . . . student[s] and provides the most useful tips for guiding their choice process. It is well done and [a] must read for every college-bound student.”
—Paul Thiboutot, Dean of Admissions

8 First Choices is an Amazon 5 star college guide and reviewed by Maria Grazia Bruschi “My son is a Junior, and I am starting to think about how to guide him during the college selection process. I found this book to be a GREAT first guide in the process, and I suggest you get it already during their sophomore year. Packed with common-sense suggestions on how to approach the whole process, what’s important and what’s not (a few surprises there), the best strategies on narrowing your list of colleges, and PLENTY of advise on how best to communicate with school officials. This is not the only book you will want to read, but is a great starting point and I am sure both my son and I will open it many times throughout his junior and senior years.”

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